First impressions count.
We have empathy for the people behind a job and we transmit it in our selection process. We are passionate about technology, we consider ourselves geeks and we like to meet and get to know candidates in an informal way.



The onboarding process of a bluetaber is decisive, since it influences the time that they will spend with us. A good integration plan will facilitate this transition and will contribute to the satisfaction and cultural fit of the employee.


This Onboarding includes several sessions during the first month so that the learning and workflows within the Bluetab philosophy are as positive and close as possible.
We carry out follow-up actions of your first months, as well as generate a culture of accompaniment and closeness.


We put a lot of attention and take care of all the details in the process so that the transition from the Candidate Experience to the Employee Experience is as comfortable as possible, giving closeness to your incorporation from day zero.

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At Bluetab we want you to grow. Our Career Coaches play a key role, they are at the disposal of any employee and guide then in their development.

The Career Coach will make you a personalized development plan and an exclusive follow-up, supporting you in everything you need. We will put all the means in place for you so that you manage your training and career.

Training, coaching, checkpoints … The Career Coach adapts to suggest the best path for your growth.

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